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LeDodi’s mission is simple; to empower women by offering luxury jewelry at a reasonable price. It’s easy to slap a catchy slogan on an Instagram post or claim we’re passionate about this and that to boost sales but it’s important to us that our customers know why we chose this as our mission and how we back it up. 

I wanted to start by throwing some startling statistics at you. Bear with me. On average, women in professional occupations earn 26% less than their male counterparts. Female registered nurses earn more than 5% less than their male counterparts, even though 90% of nurses are women. In 32 years, no woman has appeared as lead actress in a film that won an Oscar. 62 million girls are denied an education all over the world. On average, 30% of women who have been in a relationship report experiencing some sort of physical or sexual violence by their partner. 

Uncomfortable? Confused? Angry? So are we. Women, all around the world, are oppressed in the workplace, in their communities and even in their own homes, every single day. We know that we can't solve all of these problems by draping women with fancy jewelry. What we can do is make them feel important, appreciated, beautiful and most importantly, make them feel POWERFUL by offering luxury jewelry at a reasonable price. 

Another startling statistic. On average, retailers mark up the price of jewelry 10x. At LeDodi, we cut out the middleman and manufacture all of our own jewelry. Because of this, we can offer our jewelry, at the same great quality, for half the price. We want women to know that they don’t need to compare themselves to Instagram models or celebrities. You don’t need thousands of followers on Instagram, or be a size 2 and you definitely don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on nice jewelry, to feel important or worthy. You are worthy and deserving, no matter how society or the internet makes you feel. 

At LeDodi, we implement our mission in our values and daily operations every day. Our pay rate is based on seniority and skill, not gender. Our positions are based on previous work experience and dedication, not gender. Our work environment is focused around equality and trust, not gender. We strive to integrate our mission into all of marketing and social media efforts. Last month, we celebrated the USA Women’s World Cup victory by offering a 30% discount code, appropriately name WOMENRULE30. 


Our Pinterest boards are cluttered with quotes and pictures of women and sorted into categories such as “Independent Women” and “Women We Look Up To.” We highlight women that are striving to make a difference in our government, school systems, communities, workplaces from every corner of the world. We even encourage young women to buy their own jewelry and not depend on a man to buy them nice things or make them feel worthy. 

We’re not superheroes, we don’t have special powers and we definitely can't change the narrative over night or entirely on our own but if we show support and EMPOWER women, we are one step closer to gender equality. If you’re interested in joining and supporting our mission, simply give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook, browse our vast and unique jewelry collection or place an order today!







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