4 Simple Ways To Money From Your Jewelry Obsession

You’ve been in love with jewelry your entire life. You have fond memories of rubbishing through your mother’s jewelry box and draping your little self in diamonds and pearls.

If this is you, you’re part of a universal trend that has connected women (and men) all around the world since the beginning of time. Jewelry is a trend that shows no limit on age, skin color or financial status. Jewelry is one of the few things in life that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and most importantly, prices. No matter what kind of jewelry enthusiast you are, you are just that, an enthusiast. How can you take this love and enthusiasm to the next level and make it a career or full-time hobby? Keep reading.

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1. Social Media Influencer

It’s 2019 and we’re in the age of social media. Become an influencer. If you spend any time at all on Instagram, you probably come across a dozen or more sponsored posts from beautiful babes daily. They are promoting anything from fitness supplements to luxury hotels on beaches you’ve never heard of. This could be you, but with jewelry.

In order to get paid for showcasing your favorite jewelry brands on social media, you need to create a social media presence. You probably have a few hundred followers, mostly friends and family. You typically post pictures of your pup, Buddy, or pictures of you and your girlfriends at your favorite club. In order to gain the attention of jewelry brands, you may need to start posting exclusively about your favorite jewelry, following big jewelry accounts for inspiration, connecting with people in the industry, collaborating with other influencers and most importantly, growing your following.

You may need to hire a photographer or attend a workshop, but before you know it, jewelry brands will be reaching out to you to give you free jewelry AND pay you for repping their precious jewels to your, now thousands, of followers.


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2. Photographer

Speaking of photography, there’s another genius way to get your foot in the jewelry industry door. If you have a passion for photography, there is most definitely a company in dire need of a good photographer to capture crisp, clear photos of their stunning jewelry. Build a portfolio of your work and start sending it to potential companies. If you live in a big city like Los Angeles or New York City, just take a stroll through the jewelry district and drop off samples. You can reach over 100 different companies in a mile span. You’re almost guaranteed to find a company that will pay you for your services or even give you free jewelry as compensation.

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3. Public relations, Marketing & Social Media

Not good at photography and don’t have the time/patience to build your Instagram following? Try the public relations, marketing or social media route. This will most likely require a degree of some sort but if you’re technology savvy and hip to all the latest trends, a job like this will not only pay well but it’s a great opportunity to learn about the behind the scenes tactics the jewelry industry uses to boost sales and enhance their brand. You’ll receive discounts on your favorite pieces, and you can quiz your friends on the difference between karat and carat. Do they even know what 24k means??

4. Retail/Sales

Take your love for shopping and jewelry behind the counter and find a job in jewelry retail/sales. If you’re any good at talking to people and know a thing or two about jewelry, a position like this would be effortless. Every jewelry company in the world could use a new, savvy, salesperson and this is your shot. If you land a position like this, it’s important to know a few things. Be polite, patient, honest, stay informed and most importantly stay true to their budget and style. Nothing screams inauthentic like trying to upsell someone already making a very large purchase.

So, there it is folks. Take your love for jewelry to the next level and become an influencer, photographer, marketing director or sales associate. You’ll not only learn an abundance of information about the jewelry industry, but you’ll make money from your passion and even better, receive free jewelry to add to your growing collection. Just make sure you leave room for your mother’s pearls that you’ve been borrowing from her since you were five years old.

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