Real Gold, Real Diamonds, Ethically Sourced


When it comes to diamonds & gold, it's very important to Ledodi and our customers, that we use premium and ethically sourced material. Decades of experience has allowed us to craft a business model to source conflict-free diamonds that are authentic & high-quality at an amazing price.


  • All of our diamonds are 100% natural, earth mined, genuine & conflict free.
  • All our jewelry is made from real 14k and 18k solid gold.

What does this mean exactly? The number of karats tells you how many 24ths it is from being 100% gold. If it is 18k, that means it is 18/24 or 75% real gold. The remaining percentage is made up of a mixture of metals used to hardened the naturally soft gold. The more you know!
We spend hours carefully examining every gem and stone before we sell it to you to ensure it upholds our high standards.
We want to ensure that your jewelry stays in its best condition for as long as possible. Put your trust in Ledodi, today and every day.